Tree House Project Tips


If you are about to build your first tree house, there are some important things you should know. Usually the peak season of building tree house is between the months of April-May. But if you are going to build one then you should start much earlier.


This season has nothing to offer but cold and snow but there are still some tasks you must do outside. This is the one part of the season when all trees are bare and no leaves are in sight.

– Take pictures of the branch of the tree and imagine the house being built there.

– Remove any leaves to have access for spring time.

– Between the months of December and February, trim the branches and cut off the dried branches.

– Spend the planning inside your house and make all the details.

– Place where the ropes and pulleys should be place right.

– Prepare all your tools and materials.

– If weather will permit then this is the perfect time to put on bolts to your tree when trees are still bare.


New life and new vegetation starts jade scape.

– Prepare the foundation of the tree.

– Prepare the floor platform.

– Put some test weights on the floor and leave it for one week.

– Prepare now the floors and walls.

– Start building now.


– Complete your tree house project.

– Enjoy every bit of your time planning and building it.


– Enjoy the view as the leaves start to change its color.

– Check the waterproofing of the roof and wall.

– Inspect the railing and support and make sure it is still intact.

– Remove any loose materials such as cones and dried leaves on the roof.

– Do not stay inside it during bad weather.

– Drain the entire pipe.

By following these steps throughout the year you will never go wrong in planning and preparing to build your own tree house. Make sure to follow this simple yearly checklist to avoid any accidents.

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