Translation Services For All Needs


Translation services are constantly evolving.

There are countless translation agencies around the world and many freelancers who offer their skills on the web. At the same time technology keeps evolving more and more and offers various fast and free solutions to all translation needs. Starting from Google Translate to the latest apps easily available on our mobile at any time anywhere, there are plenty of machine translation services available on the Internet. The new gem from Google offers automatic translation for incoming emails that can be translated directly into the language we need without having to copy and paste the message.

If you happen to be in business or you are a lucky traveller there is no necessity for you to learn a new language, even though it is definitely useful to know at least the basics. However, once more technology goes beyond any kind of communication boundary tulkošanas pakalpojumi. There are several mobile translation apps that help us to navigate a language we don’t know (iLingual, Babelshot and Babelphone just to mention a few) and let us have basic conversations, order meals or ask for directions.

So are these hard days for real services? Partly yes. The competition of free automated services is spreading at a very fast pace and needless to say it is a very quick and still effective tool that will have more and more success in the future because of the continuous progress of technology.

Yet there are some negative aspects to consider about automatic translation, especially regarding accuracy.

The discussion about automated machine translation contributes to develop new ways of providing services that are 100% reliable because they come from a real translator. Recently there has been a boom in human translation services; websites like Ackuna connect people around the world with human translators who can give the exact and most adequate translation we require.

When speaking about services the attention should be focused on quality rather than quantity. Yes there are many translation services available, but which one really suits our needs?

If we simply need to know how to get to the train station then any app will be useful enough to get us back on the way home. But if we need to translate a legal document, a contract or a research paper I believe Google translate will cause some confusion. Translating single words is one thing; translating content unique to a specific field is another.

In this case only professional translation services can give us a correct and complete finished product.

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