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Ransomware is a type of malicious malware. Which is created by virus authors to acquire the user’s important files from the corrupted system or through an entire system, while the infected system user have no control to their files unless they pay back the demanded ransom.

The virus is designed to corrupt the important file and freeze up the users from operating the system files and their own data. The virus developer contacts the users to demand a ransom payment and assure to reset the system as previous. The payment is most often done through bit coins, gift cards or prepaid cards.

Ransomware infection is not new. The first ransomware attack was done in1989 and the computers were infected via floppy disk.


If your computer is protected with an antivirus then you don’t need to worry about any infection. Mcafee com activate antivirus is the best antivirus to protect and secure your devices. It blocks the entire source for this ransomware virus and helps people to protect their important files and data. To activate and download mcafee just after purchasing it visit and follow the process if needed any help then you can visit the official site of mcafee activate.


A virus is a common term that most of us refer to as spyware, threat, malware. Originally, a virus is one type of malware, spyware or threat and there are various different types of malware. The other types of viruses are Trojan horses, computer worms, ransomware, spyware etc. The aims and different of attacking the user network are different for every single malware. While harmful viruses are developed to infect the system and corrupt the files and data in the system, Trojan horses make a gateway of a system through a secret method and hence leak all the confidential information. This way every single malware is established to work different and to serve different aims and objective. Reasons are many more as to why cybercriminals would create malware to infect the system.

With ransomware infection, the intended virus author requires money and so they stand firm with their stealing objective to steal the data files and convince the user to pay a huge sum of ransom to get access to the stolen data files. If needed to get rescued from this ransom to be paid. Get your system protected with mcafee com activate and safe your money and important files.


Ransomware on computers;


Commercial or Individual users both can be a successful targets of ransomware infection. 2017-18 has seen the most threatening ransomware attacks in these previous years that ripped down individual users, commercial businesses – small to big households, hospitals, government agencies, airports centers, and corporations.


Computers are still the most convenient and easy target for the computer hackers to threat the vulnerabilities through ransomware infection. The easiest and common target is Windows operating system.

In May 2017, at the very beginning of august month Wanna cry ransomware virus shook the whole world to fear, attacking over millions of users. Wanna cry exploits the vulnerability of Windows operating system called the Eternal Blue. This is a bug which helps the computer hackers to run the malicious script from remote through a Windows supported file or through a Printer Sharing request.

Malicious email and advertisement they also play big role in infecting the windows system.

There was a released to fix the issue of eternal blue known as patch security by the Microsoft, just a few months before the wanna cry attack. However, most of the commercial organization and individuals failed to update the patch fix related to eternal blue. EternalBlue is a defect in Windows XP, which Microsoft operating system no longer supports —and that’s the reason why Windows XP computers was the most targeted and infected by WannaCry.

There are different types of ransomware infection. Though the objectives of ransomware is the same, the mode of a request for demanding the ransom varies and hence the types.

Types of Ransomware infections; ( )


  1. Crypto-malware
  2. Doxware
  3. Locker
  4. Popcorn Time ransomware
  5. Scareware


Crypto-malware infection – This kind of malware is the most common type and is known as Crypto or encryptor malware; as the name defines, this is the type that encodes script of your files. However users can operates the PC, yet the victim do not have access to your own important documents. WannaCry is one notable kind of ransomware infection.


Locker infection – Locker malware keeps you out of your own PC totally and the user does not have any control to the system. The Petya ransomware virus, which initially established in 2016 and returned in a further optimized state in 2017, applies the locker system by encoding your hard drive’s master files and hence locks up the user’s pc website will allow you to install and download mcafee antivirus and help you to stay protected


Doxware – Doxware downloads duplicate files of the user’s confidential records to the hacker’s PC, and he or she at that point undermines to distribute the documents on the web server if the user doesn’t pay the demanded ransom. If hackers threaten to post the victim’s photographs or files on an open website The Ransom ransomware deployed the doxing technique.


Scareware – Through you can protect your Scareware is illegitimate and illegal software that convinces the users that they have discovered virus problems on their PC and requests a lot cash to solve the issues immediately. Scareware may fill your computer screen with a load of pop-ups and notification messages, or it may lock up your PC until the point that you pay the ransom.


One reason why ransomware has turned out to be such a famous sort of malware is that it’s promptly accessible online for virus developer to utilize. Mcafee has discovered that roughly 33% of all “new” ransomware virus strains really begin from a current open-source strain. Additionally, programmers are constantly refreshing their encrypted scripts to refine and restart their ransomware and enhance and expands their encryption, so a specific strain of ransomware may re-appear different circumstances, as Petya has. Following this website will allow you to activate your mcafee product and just follow the instruction.


Popcorn Time ransomware virus– Here, the hacker exploits the target user to infect any other two different computer users. In the event that both of those users got infected and pay the fine, at that point, the first user who infected the other two will get his or her important data base files back, without the need to pay a ransom.


To secure your devices don’t get lazy it’s the most important thing to do these days. Cause people nowadays store all their important and official data in their Smartphone’s, computers and tablets.

Mcafee ensures every single user to protect their computer with high security. For future perspective gets your computer secure and protected. If not then the hackers they are already waiting for their ransom payer. Use mcafee com activate antivirus and to activate and download visit the link

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