Australian Police Check or Getting a Copy of Your Criminal History


It has become increasingly necessary in this ever more dangerous world in which we live for organisations such as employers, government and non-government agencies to be careful about who they employed or involve in their organisations.

Society has tightened up on the release of your personal information to other parties through legislation such as the privacy act and the like. Employers and others have attempted to overcome this by requiring more than just a standard resume. As part of this growing trend towards full disclosure before you employ someone Police checks are becoming increasingly demanded by employers.

In Australia there are three main types of Police checks National Police Check Australia.

They can be obtained at your local State Police Station. However there is also the advantage now of applying online (see link below)

A copy of your local state Police criminal History. Many employers are now requiring this as a mandatory minimum. Particularly so in security conscious occupations – airline hostess, some security organisations, etc. It is also becoming increasingly popular with the small business employer as well, especially anyone previously burnt by an employee who stole from their business or had to face a ‘steroid’ rage or ‘speed’ fueled psychotic incident at their workplace. To reduce the risks of employing such people more and more employers are requiring job seekers to have a copy of their police history in with their resume.

Another Police check is the National Police Certificate. Similiar to the above but with an Australian Wide search.

Finally a National Police check with Fingerprint search. The purpose of these checks is mainly for Visa applications for travel overseas or emmigration purposes.

To the job seeker – show your future boss you have nothing to hide and include a copy of your criminal history.

To all employers – if you don’t require a police check from future employees maybe it’s time you woke up and changed your hiring practises.

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