Poker Calculator Report: Hold’em Indicator, A New Standard


If you have ever read my review of Poker Indicator, you will know that it has great potential, it will draw backs that keep it from competing with the market leaders in this category. Poker Indicator and not only that Holdem Indicator now successes, has been translated into top of the class of empirical poker calculators market wide.

With a lot of new calculator software being introduced rapidly, I have tested virtually all of them to find numerous programming quirks that I have noted that I knew which one would work with the site, and on the computer! Poker Indicator has worked smoothly and never suffered from over-programming. Holdem Indicator does just that as well, seamlessly flowing into every poker site I tried it on. This software is a mini view option that just squeaks under your site window if you just want basic information in a handy spot. Why can’t all poker calculators be this flawless? 예스카지노

When using Holdem Indicator, the software designers actually play poker and understand layout and design, as much as odds in the game itself. This is the odds, the display shows two vital things – your odds of winning the pot, and your pot odds when a bet is put to you. If you have trouble laying down hands, this feature alone will save you the cost of a .25 / .50 cent calculator in one session at Full Tilt Poker. Seriously. You can change the odds display to percentage or ratio whatever your preference, but the poker ratio is easily comparing your pot odds. This is a bigger look than you, and one of these indicators is larger than the other, take a closer look before your next move. For example, if your pot odds are a decent 4 to 1, but your odds for win are 22 to 1, then your juicy pot odds don’t really matter, and you should muck.

There has also been a great design improvement in the visibility of your hole card display versus the flop. No need for color decks any more. This is as clear as graphics can. “When you hole cards do show, they are accompanied by a convenient” out “system that shows what groups your hole cards fall into further enforcing playing with cards of strength. Hey, there is a reason ten deuce off suit is group 9.

Empirical means that this poker calculator can help you keep track of your opponents, even if you are not. You can actually monitor a table before you can, or keep track of the players while you are out for a period. The opponent stats window will indicate a player’s profile based on several calculations including VPIP, aggression, and show downs wins. After collecting 50 hands of data, Hold’em Indicator will assign a graphic image to you and your opponents. Some interesting icons include a time bomb, eagle, elephant, fish and yield sign. While the software is collecting this, it is also summing up the whole table giving you a snap shot of the action.

Holdem Indicator is the new standard in Empirical Poker Calculators and works with all the best sites including Full Tilt Poker.

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