Catching Your Partner Cheating


If you feel that your partner is cheating, sometimes coming right out and asking your partner if they are being unfaithful doesn’t always work out best because it could result in one of two things, him/her lying about it or him/her getting angry that you would even think they would do something like that to you. So, if you want to find out if your partner is cheating, here are some tips that can help.

Look for signs-

When someone is cheating or lying in anyway, they start to act different because they either feel guilty or they feel nervous about being caught. You know your partner better than anyone else does, so you’ll know if your partner is acting strange. Pay attention to his/her actions and moods.

Looking through his/her belongings douglas hand

Not everyone is comfortable with doing this.. It’s an invasion of privacy so you may end up feeling guilt or shame after doing this. But if you want proof that your partner is cheating before you talk about it, there may not be any other way to get the proof you need.

Phone/phone bills.

If someone has something to hide, they will most likely do whatever they can to try and keep it hidden. If your partner is cheating, his/her phone most likely won’t be lying around the house at any given time. You may have to take a look at the phone bill, if this is your spouse that should be easy to do but if this is your boyfriend or girlfriend and you don’t really live together, you may have to try to get their phone itself.

On the phone bill, you should only be alarmed when there are very long talks with numbers that you aren’t familiar with.

Computer and Internet-

There are many different ways a person can cheat nowadays.. There’s texting, emailing and Facebook. If you know the passwords to your partner’s Facebook and email accounts, than you can easily see who he/she have been talking to. Be sure you check deleted folders too.

This may not always work because it’s very easy to make a new account just to talk to someone they shouldn’t be talking to and keep it hidden from you. There could be files saved on your partner’s computer that can give it away as well such as pictures that were sent.

Pants pockets/purse-

You can found out a lot of information just by what someone has in their pockets or their purse. Movie ticket stubs or change even though they say they were just sitting at the office where they couldn’t have bought anything.

There are many different ways you can catch your partner in the act, it’s all about using your intuition. Be careful though, you don’t want to get caught trying to catch your partner. Your partner can just use that as a way to leave the house and see someone else because they are “angry that you don’t trust them” so try to keep to keep it hidden.

Follow your partner-

If your partner says that it’s just going to be another long night at work or just another night with friends, try to follow your partner and see where it is they are really going and who they are really with. Of course, try to stay hidden so your partner doesn’t see that you are trying to spy on them.

If you do find that your partner is cheating, try to stay calm and preserve anything that may be left in your relationship. Bring the information your found to your partner and try to calmly talk about it. You never know, your partner may still try to deny the fact that they are cheating even though you found proof that they are.

Of course you’re expecting your partner to immediately apologize but that may not happen. Your partner may decide to be angry with you about looking through their belongings as a way to make it seem like you did something wrong too.

It’s important to try and stay as strong as you possibly can through this. Decide on whether or not it’s something you can forgive your partner for or if you could ever learn to trust him/her again. Take time to think it over, don’t make a rash decision in the heat of the moment. If your partner loves you, they’ll do whatever it takes to earn back your trust.

About the Author

Paul Goldman, is a happily married Australian living in Chicago who has seen so many friends become victim to cheating partners that he has created this blog to be a resource for anyone suspecting that they may have the same problem.

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