Wrinkles Waistlines and Damp Pants


ISBN: 978-1-4502-0085-1

Wrinkles, Waistlines, and Moist Pants

Growing older; it seems distasteful, doesn’t it? Just employing the term aging, and most people will skip the book ! No one moving throughout the ageing process would like to become reminded of it!

Jeanne Kraus along with also her illustrator sister, Diana Arneson may have turned that around. Both folks have come together to offer us a novel that”finds humor” of this aging procedure; which makes regular objects look downright much less traumatic and clearly funny, to get a shift happyluke.

Jeanne Kraus, mcdougal, was a basic instructor for over 30 years. She has been writing since she had been a teenager. At present, she’s just a reading specialist at a south Florida basic school. A lifelong writer, she’s published two children’s novels, which are published by Magination Press. She’s additionally working on the sequel to both Wrinkles,” Waistlines, along with Wet Pants. Jeanne has finished years of public humor talking at specific occasions and contains published speeches, scripts, poems, raps, music, and essays for a variety of functions.

Even though book’s back cover says that the book won’t change you whatsoever, I have to believe it can affect your outlook on aging and also the entire process in which all of us can go throughout. . .eventually. The au thor indeed disproves the theory that fifty is the new thirty with anecdotes in most single chapter and don’t forget to have a look at the useless surveys contained. Jeanne is fast to find out not everyone else is affected with the same aging ailments that she does; and also that these folks are often very irritating!

I found this book to be fairly witty and humorous. Everyone else has funny ideas in your own life! I can love the present of finding that comedy and also putting it out there for everybody to test.

I especially located Chapter 2-2, Make More Time on Your Own Life, to be delightful! First, the record that contrasts enough time J-K spends things and enough time HMC (higher maintenance chick) spends the same pursuits. Between your economies of that maintenance time by JK and also the practice in the casino; I could not quit laughing. She states,”the entire feeling is loud -clanging whistles, bells, and also older people with hearing loss aids yelling to eachother amid the casino buzz. This really is excellent stimulation to help keep the blood flow into the center .” “risktaking is part of the civilization at this era. Perhaps not merely do we visit casinos, we now cross roads in the exact middle of the cube, move gas in public, also don fanny packs and visible stockings in public without any fear of tripping.”

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