Treatment of Envy


Envy is considered as a curse to the society so it is very mandatory to eradicate Envy from the society in order to cultivate a healthy society where we all together can live happily, share emotions, respect each other and a lot more.
These are the following ways to eradicate the sense of Envy from the inner of ourselves;
Accept the truth:
It is very important to accept the truth that if you are lacking some kind of quality within yourself then it is your fault that you haven’t developed it. It is not at all correct that to hate the person who is superior to you just because of the fact that the person has developed the quality and you didn’t able to develop the same quality for whatever reason; so it is very important to accept the reality and then start working according to it.

Talk to people around you:
The most crucial reason behind the sense of envy is that we most of the times suffocate within us and never try to talk to people who are present around us. If we develop the thought to talk to people and share our emotions then it would surely help to reduce the sense of envy regarding any person who has the quality superior to us and for the reason we are feeling the sense of envy علاج السحر. So it is very mandatory to talk to people present around us and share our emotions and in fact share each and everything that make us to feel envy.

Do Meditation:
Meditation also plays a vital role in order to eradicate the sense of envy that has developed within us due to any kind of reason. When we go for spirituality or meditation, it shows us very wide aspects of everything around us which forces us to think again regarding the person or the feeling that has brought up the Envy within us. When we start doing meditation or when we go for spirituality, we start questioning each and everything that we perform, do in day to day life and try our best to cultivate more efficient way of doing the same thing so in this regard it makes us more skilled and automatically eliminate the sense of envy from the core of us.

Develop Skill within you:
The main cause of envy is that we are lacking some kind of skill with others so developing the skill will automatically eradicate the sense of envy in most of the cases. Always try to learn new things and always try to grab opportunity in life in order to learn things which will improve your personality and skill and simultaneously automatically eliminates the feeling of envy for others. Envy is curse for each one of us because it ceases the growth of us as we start looking for moments to disrespect the more skilled person either by hook or crook. But if we develop the skill with ourselves then you and your competitor will almost have the same skill and the envy generated at that time will be very less for sure.

Try to compete with yourself:
When you start completing within ourselves, you progress a lot as the research says. So it is a very good option to complete within ourselves and always try to grab opportunities at every moment of life. When we start competing within ourselves then the sense of envy for the others won’t come up for sure because there is no passage for the Envy coming up because we are not looking at the skilled person outside in the society but we are looking at the inner us. Since, we are not looking any person outside, so the percentage of generation of Envy is very less for sure.
Ask yourself, is Envy necessary?
We live in a society where for most of the people, opinions of other people matters a lot. But do really their opinions matter? Well, if you want to be successful in life, make sure within yourself that what wrong or what is right for you and never ever give the ultimate priority to the opinions of others except that person is your beloved ones . We do believe that most of the times the opinions of others are there for the benefit of us but just for the sake of their advice, never dilute or manipulate your actions. Try to live your own life and try to do it all by yourself at each and every moment of your life and always try to progress within yourself.

Ask yourself that is really Envy important? It is so because everyone present in this universe is here to leave his or her own life, so what is the need to look into the life of others and feel the sense of discontentment or unhappy. Try to live your own life and never feel the sense of discontentment or unhappy by just comparing that the person is more skillful than you or you are lacking something within you. So try to live your own life, be happy within yourself and ask yourself that is Envy necessary.
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