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Why is it that wherever you go around the world, US citizens are treated well? Well, most everywhere, and despite what you might have heard our nation is very respected world-wide. Why? Because, people in other nations want to be more like us, and have the freedoms and liberties we have here, who can blame them considering on what they often have to deal with. Even in those free countries, we have a better quality of life, lower taxes and we sure eat well – look at our Body-Fat Index!

You can always tell an American by their more rounded face and body. We might think we as Americans look fat, but for those in other nations, we look like wealth because we eat so much, never missing a meal sam perelman. Now then, the other day I was discussing this with an acquaintance at Starbucks who taught an international business class, and I was asked if I had any “in the news” type case studies that might be fun for the kids at one of the local colleges. I came up with a few interesting topics below:

Some things to discuss regarding Nonprofits:

1. Bill Gates and UN help to solve hunger issues – but now with more people able to eat they are having more babies and need even more food. Food shipments are often hijacked by terrorist groups which sell the food back to the already poor people. They use that money to buy more guns to kill more people an finance their terrorism.
2. When going into a foreign nation US companies are not allowed to bribe officials, so often their unsavory competitors do and get the inside juice from the government – local governments come in and arrest entrepreneurs or seize assets of the US competitors. If the US companies do something under the table with a person in the government or corrupt regime, then once that leader is out of power, the new leader comes in with new friends and the challenge starts all over again. It’s usually well-known who is in charge and who you need to grease the skids with, so some say it is fair for all because everyone knows to pay the extortionists in the bidding game or they are out.
3. Trade is now being used by governments instead of war – but using trade sanctions, currency manipulation, government sponsored boycotts adds uncertainty to FDR (Foreign Direct Investment) and capital inflows, many entrepreneurs are not willing to risk their capital as this occurs, so it puts the breaks on free-trade, and the stress on the entire global supply chain.

I hope you will consider these topics and think of others and how they matter to our nation’s place in the world, and how we can make it better without breaking the bank. Please consider all this and think on it.