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Now every business wants the websites to generate maximum possible revenue. The difference between a successful website and unsuccessful website is the amount of revenue generated through it. While a successful website attracts and converts the maximum number of visitors to buyers, an unsuccessful website falls short at both attracting and converting the visitors.

The success of any website cannot be worked out over night. It is gradual but mainly dependent on the design of the website. Some of the prominent considerations for a successful website and making a good website are as follows website speed optimization service.

User friendly:

The website has to be designed to be user friendly. It is obvious that at the end of the day it is the buyer who runs the business. If the website is not user friendly, it will never be able to convert the visitor into buyer. The purpose of a website is to generate revenue by converting the visitor into a buyer and if this purpose is not served the website is a failure. On the other hand one can convert any website overnight into a user friendly website. This means that the making of a user friendly website commences from the designing stage. The business needs to clarify with the web designer the purpose of the website. The designer has to told what market segment has to be targeted through the website. The buyer behavior needs to be studied especially what type of products or services they would like to buy and at what price. The layout of the website should be such that the visitor finds it easy to find what he/she is searching for. The navigation through the website should be as simple as possible.

Search engine friendly:

For making the website user friendly, the business may want a large number of images, animations and videos to be embedded on to the website. Use of outdated technology may add to the load of the website and consequently decrease the speed of downloading. The designer should use the visual content only where needed. The web design service provider should conduct thorough research on the key words or keyword phrases used by the targeted audience to search for commodities or services offered by that particular website. The web designer needs to maximize the traffic to the website by resorting to search engine optimization techniques so that the conversion of visitor to buyer is optimized.

The website needs to be made compatible with the operating system and platform of the browser. There is no use of website that fails to download on the computer of the visitor. At the same time the visitor needs to be assured repeatedly about the quality and price of the service or product offered. The web design needs to assure the visitor about confidentiality of the username and password used for the payment of the bills.