Coverage Coverage

Universal Insurance Coverage is a very debatable topic still in America, where the majority of Americans feel that backing key elements in the health reform proposals of a Democratic president like Barack Obama is the right choice made by them.

In an opinion poll when people were asked whether they would support an individual mandate for health insurance, 59 percent said yes, as long as employers were required to provide coverage or pay a fee, and as long as there were subsidies for those with low incomes and insurance companies were required to take anyone who applies.

But when the question was asked bit differently support dropped to 47 percent in favor and 44 percent against. It is always seen that American national polls has always concerned about the health care in the minds of American voter’s priority. The issue of intensifying health insurance coverage with the aim of achieving “universal coverage” has resurfaced as a central point in the American political debate

In the era of Bush administration the congress has never shown keen interest in Universal Insurance coverage. As a consequence whenever some states made some progress in getting legislation in achieving Universal Insurance Coverage, but always their success rate was low.

The character of the U.S. government in the years to come health reforms and health associated proposals will gain grip and Universal Insurance Coverage will have size-able repercussions for coverage and convenience of sexual and reproductive health services that as well as family planning, abortion, pregnancy and pregnancy related problems, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections.

The present American Insurance system of health care covers public and private sectors for the American public insurance programs, SCHIP and Medicaid, that provides wider package of benefits to some sectors of lower income groups as well as high quality private health insurance offered with subsidized through their employers.

Congress has set some bases for Medicaid, so that all states must envelop pregnant women and children at or near the poverty level. Adults who are not pregnant and have no children are by and large barred from public coverage entirely. The majority fresh immigrants, and those who penetrated the country illegitimately, are excluded in the Universal Insurance Coverage.

Therefore, Universal Insurance Coverage should be provided to weaker section of society as well as to women and children. So that everyone will have proper health coverage through Universal Insurance Coverage.