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Here are 7 Tips for single woman from people who have a happy and long-term marriage…Tip #1: It is OK to be Single

First of all, DON’T PANIC. Remember:

* There is no shame being single!
* Marriage is not for everyone!
* No need to marry a fool!

Marriage is not the destination for the entire human race. Being single is not a sin; you can choose to remain single, as long as it makes you happy.

Always remember why you want to get married: to find somebody who MAKES YOU HAPPY and be happy with him for the rest of your life.

Marriage is not for your parents, although your parents might want to just grab somebody on the street to finish this job.

Marriage is for your friends. Why you care others’ voice more than the one from your own heart Home insurance?

Marriage is not for saving face: there is no shame being single!

Marriage is not just another step in your life, just like going to college, finding a job or getting promoted. Trust me. It is a turning point in your life!

Marriage is not finding a patron or a living ATM: it is an enjoyable journey for you and another soul.

Marriage is not putting a beautiful dummy beside you: beauty is just a skin deep and will fade in years.

Marriage is not to get Children. Children are its natural result, not the purpose.

Marriage is not to get sex. You can get sex without marriage!

Marriage is not to get married. No need to marry a fool!

A bad predicament possible is being married to someone you do not love. It will cause no end of grief and complications in your life.

An even worse living hell is being married so someone you do not love. Life is too short to waste this way!