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Royalty Royalty

Royalty free stock images are not exactly just free for the taking. They are, however, a rather simple approach if you need a repetitive image. Basically when you select one of these images you are buying the licensing rights. This means that for a one time purchase price you can use it over and over again.

Software programs have the same approach. You do not have to pay for every document you type or every presentation that you put together. The purchase is really about the license. In both cases, you are assigned a licensing number and are then permitted to apply it as often as you like under that license.

There are advantages to this when your use of an image will be more than just a one time arrangement. You might have a project, campaign, or presentation that will be used repeatedly. Alternatively, you may have numerous uses for the same image free stock images.

Again, just like software and other things that fall under licensing laws you are not the only one permitted to make the purchase. You are not buying exclusive rights to the image. That is an entirely different arrangement that is made directly with the photographer. The image you have chosen may also be used by others if they follow the same procedure.

The most common use of this sort of option is website or media related. Circulating the photograph through a media platform is considered multiple uses. Using the images for a website is also considered to be multiple uses, even if you only display it one time. Each time a user lands on the site that is considered a use.

The violation of licensing laws is actually a breach of the law. Using any type of photograph or representation without obtaining the rights the way that you should there can be hefty legal consequences. Avoiding this situation is highly recommended.

Royalty free stock photos are only free from the royalties that are often paid on a repetitive use image. In order to buy the exclusive rights the photographer must be contacted and the negotiation of terms would have to take place. Unless there is a reason that it would be damaging for someone else to one day use the same picture, this is really the best arrangement for all involved. The project you need it for will be completed, the photographer’s rights are not violated, and the licensing laws are followed. This is a cost effective way to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.