eye whitening

Procedure Procedure

The I-BRITE™ procedure is a no-stitch, no-graph conjunctiva removal procedure that whiten and brightens the eye by delicately removing excessive red veins, yellow growths, or areas of brown pigmentation.

I-BRITE™ is comfortable, quick and very easy to recover from. The white areas of the eyes (sclera) are covered by a thin membrane called the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is home to the majority of unsightly discolorations and red veins that make the sclera appear dull, dingy, unhealthy, bloodshot and more. Conjunctiva that is in poor shape can be efficiently removed, in which case it will regenerate. The crystal clear, newly-regenerated conjunctiva makes patients’ eyes appear brighter and whiter than they can ever remember them being.

Benefits of I-BRITE™ eye whitening surgical procedure:

100% no-stitch, no-graft, very comfortable procedure;
Removes the majority of red veins and the yellow/brown discoloration in the white areas of the eyes (sclera);
Fast procedure: normally less than 1/2 hour to complete, per eye;
Patients are able to return to work the day after the procedure in many cases;
Full, brilliantly white results able to be seen in as little as four weeks;
The I-BRITE™ procedure instantly begins to rebuild faded confidence eye whitening. Those afflicted with eye discoloration and red veins suffer. Often they report people accuse them of being overly tired, drunk, or high. After a quick 15 to 30 minute eye whitening procedure, years of suffering can be ended. A truly whiter, brighter future is able to be enjoyed.

Facts about the I-BRITE™ eye whitening surgical technique:

Developed over 15 years by Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler;
No lasers are used;
Conjunctiva (thin membranes on outside of eye whites) are completely removed;
Conjunctiva is the location of veins and discoloration;
Patients enjoy a little Valium and Vicodin before the procedure;
Procedure often takes less than 30 minutes per eye;
Patients wear eye patches for 24 hours after surgery;
Can return to work the following day in many cases, if desired;
Patients should wear sunglasses when outside while healing;
Instantly recognizable results continue to improve as new, crystal clear membranes (conjunctiva) regenerate;
Anti-inflammatory/antibiotic eye drops will be used after surgery for 8 weeks to allow full recovery;
Eyes may appear red for a week or two;
Full “bright white” results achieved in 3 to 12 weeks after procedure;
I-BRITE™ eye whitening surgery techniques are designed to be minimally invasive, very comfortable and quick to recover from. Most of the time, the discoloration and red blood veins in eyes results from years of exposure to sunlight. After receiving the I-BRITE™ procedure, patients are more mindful about protecting their new, shiny eyes. They are much more likely to wear sunglasses whenever the risk of UV exposure presents itself. Those who take good care of their post-I-BRITE™ eyes can enjoy brilliantly white eye whites for decades to come.

What are the risks of side effects associated with the I-BRITE™ eye whitening procedure?

Temporary redness and/or bruising after surgery;
Temporary sensitivity to light;
Some stinging when applying eye drops after procedure;
Temporary swelling of eyelids;
Some degree of temporary discomfort;
Dryness while healing;
Although it’s possible to return to work the day after the procedure, many patients take off for 4 to 7 days. Gardening and other dusty tasks should be avoided for 2 weeks after the procedure, as should swimming.

The I-BRITE™ surgical procedure is not recommended for women who are pregnant.

More facts about BRITE™ eye brightening techniques:

Is available for appropriate candidates 16 and older;
Very high success rates with very few instances of secondary surgeries being needed;
Monthly follow-up appointments required for the first 3 months after procedure;
Is possible those who wear contact lenses;
Removes pterygium or pinguecula;
Does not require amniotic membrane transplant (AMT);
What does the I-BRITE™ eye whitening procedure cost?

Most patients finance the procedures and pay monthly installments of roughly $175.

Depending on the severity of the condition of a patient’s conjunctiva, the I-BRITE™ corrective procedure will cost between $3500 and $5500 per eye, if paid outright. Having the whiteness returned to discolored, bloodshot eyes restores confidence and makes life more enjoyable in general. The I-BRITE™ procedure for whitening eyes is the most modern and sophisticated technique available anywhere on the planet. Explore eye whitening further today and enjoy a clearer, whiter future!