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Spanish Spanish

In this lesson for today, I will give you 4 tips that I give my own private students who ask me for advice on how to learn Spanish quick and easy online. If you follow these 3 tips I can assure you that you will learn Spanish a lot faster than you would without following my advice.

1. Listen to Spanish Language Radio Online

There’s a great deal of Spanish language radio stations online. Listen to them. This is a great way for you to add new words to your vocabulary and fine tune your ears to the Spanish languageĀ DAB Radio Spain.

2. Invest In a Spanish Program

There are quite a few learning Spanish programs online. Choose one such as Learning Spanish Like Crazy that has an emphasis on familiar spoken Spanish. That’s the course that I recommend to my personal students who want to learn how to speak practical Spanish. I have found a significant improvement in their ability to speak Spanish, especially, in their pronunciation from using Learning Spanish Like Crazy.

3. Join an Online Foreign Exchange Student Program

With an online foreign exchange student program you can help someone else learn your native tongue while he or she helps you perfect your Spanish. Not only is this a fantastic way to improve your Spanish, it is also a great way to meet lots of new friends from Latin America or Spain.

4. Find a Spanish-Speaking Girlfriend or Boyfriend Online Using a Personals Site

I know this one is absolutely out of the question if you are married or even engaged. This tip only applies to single people. If you are single, you can visit sites such as Colombia Cupid and meet someone who may become a significant other for you.

Alejandra K. Legarda is a freelance Spanish instructor who helped in the development of the Verbarrator. The Verbarrator is the only software specifically designed to help Spanish language learners master conjugating Spanish verbs.