Sailor Moon Manga Online – A Cute and Adventurous Story of the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon


Sailormoon Manga online is an interesting adventure, comedy, action and romance story with some supernatural acts to interest the readers. Sailormoon Manga impressed children as the characters in the story are young and vibrant. Here you will get a glimpse of the series, story and adventures of this Manga.

In short glimpse, Sailor Moon Manga Online also has other alternative titles, Pretty Guardian Pretty Solider Sailor Moon. Written by Takeuchi Naoko, the main character of the story, Tsukino Usagi is a 14 year old young girl and she is in middle school doing her 2nd year. She is klutzy and crybaby, although she can easily transform into senshi of justice. This is a beautiful story that everyone will love to read.

About Sailor Moon Manga manga online

This Manga is an original incarnation of the Sailor Moon that was written by Naoko Takeuchi. Sailor Moon Manga was published in Kodansha’s Nakayoshi magazine in 1992. The first edition of the story consisted of about 18 volumes and it covered 52 acts. There are many short stories in volume 11; however, they did not follow the storyline.

This was originally serialized from 1991 to 1997 in Nakayoshi. It contained about 52 individual chapters that were published in 18 volumes.

Most of the series of Sailor Moon Manga contained the adventures of Usagi Tsukino, as she transforms into titular character, who go in search for the princess. She also had the adventure to face when she goes in search of an artifact, “Legendary Silver Crystal”. Her journey gave her many thrilling experience and she also took the lead of various groups of comrades. They started their battle against many villains to particularly prevent the theft of Silver Crystal. They also had the responsibility to prevent the destruction of Solar System, which was very challenging to them.

About 18 volumes of Sailormoon Manga were adapted into an anime series, titled, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. This anime was produced by Toei Animation and broadcasted in Japan from 1992 to 1997.

Watch It Online:

Sailor moon Manga has all flavors of action, adventure, drama, comedy, fantasy, romance and supernatural. It is not only children, but even elders will love to watch this anime. Comprising over 50 episodes, Sailormoon Manga will be a perfect entertainment containing story and worth spending your time.

What is this Manga about?

Usagi Tsukino the main character of the story is a normal girl, until, Luna the talking cat came into her life. It is this talking cat tells her, that she is the Sailormoon, and as the Sailormoon, she must fight against evils to enforce justice, in the name of mysterious Moon Princess. She also meets other girls intended to be Sailor Senshi, means Sailor Scouts and both together fights the evil forces. The story proceeds with more thrills, adventures and comedies too.

A re-illustrated version of this Sailor Moon Manga was released by Naoko Takeuchi. This wonderful series of episode won, Kodansha Manga award for Shojo in 1993.

Those who have missed watching beautiful series of Sailor Moon Manga online can also read the episodes. You will definitely love the ending of the story, which impressed many.

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