How Does Diamond Ring Grading Happen?


Throughout the years, diamond rings have built a reputation for being the most romantic gift to give to one’s significant other. Indeed, nothing sparks a love affair more than the light reflecting from a diamond ring.

When it comes to diamond rings, it is all about the quality. Since diamonds are selling like hotcakes among couples who are on their way to being engaged or getting married, it is just appropriate that a diamond ring grading system exist in order to ensure that the diamonds being purchased meet all the standards such as clarity, cut, carat weight and color. Along with these four C’s would also include dimensions, polish and symmetry.

While it is true that buying a diamond ring could be pretty confusing and intimidating due to the lack of information with regards what to look for when it comes to purchasing diamonds, grading would be a surefire way to assure you of obtaining a diamond that is worth your money. Read on and take a closer look into the process of authenticating a diamond GSI vs. GIA.

Diamond ring grading is a process of evaluating diamonds that will result in the issuance of a certificate proving that it has passed the qualifications set by experts in the diamond industry. Conducted exclusively by duly-certified gemologists only, the grading makes use of tools in the industry such as microscopes, jeweler’s loupes and of course, the professional eyes of the expert gemologists. Diamonds go through different forms of critique, measurement and evaluation. The diamond certificate, also called diamond quality document, reports the degree of quality.

Diamond ring grading could also be done without the use of equipment. There are simple tests that you can use in checking the quality of a diamond. One is to run it on a printed text. Due to the large amount of refracted light coming from a diamond, you will not be able to see any kind of writing when you run it over a printed material. Instead, it will stay clear. Other clear stones do not have this same property.

Another method that could be used is to breathe into a diamond. Due to the fact that diamonds are very effective heat conductors, there will be no moisture that can be seen. Gemstones of a different kind will be hazy for a moment before the condensations gets dissipated.

Be sure to know the quality of your jewel. It is also important to have the necessary documentation that proves the quality as well. Once you have your diamond be sure to keep it in great shape by getting it inspected every six months.

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