What are the advantages of modern day clay roof tiles for Kerala homes?


What are the advantages of modern day clay roof tiles for Kerala homes?

On average thought of as part of Italian and Spanish architectural fashions, clay roof tiles are now probably one of the very most respected roofing materials available, especially for coastal parts including Kerala. Usage of modern-day daylight clay roof tiles such as Koramic clay roof tiles out of Wienerberger (that was making clay construction supplies for more than a century), is advocated not just for aesthetic brilliance but essentially for the practical advantages clay tiles provide across additional materials such as concrete, rubberized and maybe even steel. No matter whether you prefer to own constructed a residence in the traditional nalukettu style, or inside today’s manner, clay tiles are not only going to increase the appeal of one’s house but also lower your running cost on upkeep and electricity as well as your carbon footprint roof tiles in india.

For entirely enjoying the benefits and distinctive capabilities of contemporary day clay tiles like Koramic, it is necessary to understand these tiles are made and also their advantages on the options available now.

The Production

Clay tiles, as the name hints at, are produced by baking molded clay. When the simple model of your tile is molded from clay that is raw, it’s heated in a kiln as well as the density of this clay tile is dependent on the duration of time and temperature in that it can be warmed. As clay tiles have been straightened under intense heat, they are resistant to harm or destruction against flame. Clay tiles are somewhat usually white, yellowish, orange or brownish in coloration. But they are sometimes stained or painted according to your taste by spraying on enamel across the tile once it has been coloured just before baking in the kiln. The heat of the kiln forever bonds along with and enamel to the tile, so ensuring that the color does not peel or fade away as time passes.

Like a result, clay tiles are offered in various colours and fashions to accommodate your taste of the house owner. That being said, the very widely used style of clay tile for roof would be that the terracotta style which is reminiscent of pre-weathered European roofing tops.

The Context

Roofing is as vital as every component that goes into making a home, perhaps even more than many parts. Primarily then, exactly what stuff you employ to construct the roof presumes great relevance. Your choice with regard to roofing material is equally very important and starts off at the plan stage itself. For houses and villas from Kerala, getting fully a costal condition, sloping roofs suit the natural phenomena a great deal greater than horizontal roof shirts. Once style and design has been determined, you need to check in the natural and environmental facets such as propensity for rust, rain as a result of air from the sea plant salts and temperature zone at the house is still built.

Clay tiles are most apt for roofing answers in coastal locations not merely due for their various benefits but because clay as being a substance offers nonpareil versatility. For instance, clay tiles for a sloping roof offer excellent water resistant in locations at which it rains very frequently, it is rust resistant and it has far superior longevity which other materials.

The Strengths

Contemporary daytime acrylic roof tiles offer you great affordable along with specific benefits within the alternative roofing substances. At a glance, the advantages are:


They can be reached in various forms and shapes and also colour to suit your needs;
they might require very little to no upkeep whatsoever;
In case of damage, for whatever reason, the harmed vinyl can easily be substituted rather than high priced repair job;
Clay tiles are waterproof, fire proof, rustproof and weather proof, making it one of their most lasting construction material called man;
they do not weather conditions and also their color doesn’t fade off. Koramic roof tiles offer a 30 yr warranty on along with.


Koramic roof tiles will not corrode, fade, twist, disfigure or rust;
life span of clay tiles will be at least a one hundred decades.

Mini Mal Environmental Impact

The raw materials utilized to fabricate these tiles really are non toxic occurring clay;
The drinking water which runs a tiled roof is potable and consequently aids in rainwater harvesting;
The practice of fabrication of clay roof tiles has no harmful effect on the setting because there are no unsafe effluents, throw away byproducts or emissions.


Clay tiles offer you natural insulation hence minimizing the trouble in power for heating or cooling because the situation might be;
As a result of clay tiles getting extremely durableand maintenance prices are range between zero to almost no.

Visually Breathtaking

As well as this Functional advantages clay tiles provide, but they also look wonderful and have a distinguishing European allure. Because of their longevity and endurance, your house will maintain its aesthetic appeal for a long period of time. Additionally, since clay tiles may be drawn up in various forms and sizes, a person does not have to worry about their dwelling looking like just one of the clay tiled roofs.

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